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Personal Development for a Stronger, Healthier and Successful Mindset in Today’s World

I believe that today’s world is not necessarily any worse than it has probably been in the past. However, our awareness of what is going all over the globe and in our own countries, can make things appear worse.

That said, there are more and more people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, panic attacks and other mental disorders.

All of this is preventing people from achieving their true potential and being happy.

So now, more than ever, we need to look after and develop our minds to be strong and healthy as well as successful.

In my 30 years or more of studying personal development and successful (and unsuccessful) people it is my opinion that developing the self is key to all achievement.

“I don’t think the world needs more drugs and counselling. What it needs is more emphasis on self-development or coping strategies” Rob Hamilton

The 5 Basics of Personal Development

If you want build a strong, successful mind and at the same time avoid becoming mentally stressed or depressed in the process, then these 5 key basics need to be improved.

Get these right and you will be well on your way to a getting what you want and remaining personally happy in the process.

1) Self Worth

If you don’t feel that you deserve to be happy or are worthy of earning a great income or becoming successful at what you love, it will never happen. This also applies to your personal relationships. Your self-worth is critical to a healthy, successful mind.

2) Self-Confidence

Self-confidence allows us to act on our goals and dreams. Without it, we will just carry on dreaming without any action.

3) ‘Limiting Beliefs’

There is a lot of talk about these today. However, these are things that you hold to be true that can prevent you from achieving anything. I call them ‘Stoppers’ or ‘Saboteurs’.

These are hidden from your everyday thinking as they are like wheels turning backwards in the background of your mind. They lie in your unconscious thinking. These are what stop people getting what they want even though you will hear these people talking positively about the goals they want to achieve.

4) Healthy Goals

If you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there. All studies suggest that having goals is healthy. They give us purpose and meaning in life. It doesn’t actually matter whether you achieve them or not, it the enjoyment and the person you become following them.

5) Beliefs of Excellence

What you believe about yourself, the world and other people will determine, more or less, how happy and successful you will become.

I use 11 beliefs of excellence with my clients that help them build that strong, healthy and successful mindset.

So when these 5 elements have been addressed and worked on you will be well on the way to getting virtually whatever you want in life. And, staying mentally healthy in the process.

Isn’t that just great news?

So writing these blog posts, conducting personal development workshops, writing books, coaching others and giving free local talks fulfills MY PURPOSE.

Look, I have had the six bedroom mansions, the super-high six figure incomes, travelled the world, become a published author and achieved other marvelous dreams too. I am not a millionaire and do not profess to be. But I earn well and choose when I work. And what’s more my mind is strong (I suffered severe depression and panic attacks) and I am happier than ever before.

How I live now is a personal choice.

rob hamilton author

Becoming an author was a great personal achievement


rob hamilton personal development workshop I have conducted my life-changing seminars to thousands of people in USA, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Bali and the UK.

My personal clients are from El Salvador to Egypt; from Australia to Belgium.

In all my 50 years of studying people, success and happiness and from personal experience, I have come to a few conclusions.

  1. That people are capable of achieving so much more than they think they can
  2. It’s not about the winning, the taking part or accumulating shiny stuff. Life is about being able to answer the question, “Did I give it my best shot?”
  3. If you can learn how to change your thinking and master your mind, you will have happier and tons more, wonderful experiences
  4. Relationships with others should be nurtured and treasured. They need the same effort as our work in order to succeed
  5. We all have God-given talents and we should be using them to serve others. And it’s okay to make money while doing what we love
  6. Life is sometimes unfair. Sometimes it appears just down right cruel. But there can be blessings found in all situations
  7. Everyone else is doing the best they can

So all of my coaching and writing is to inspire others to do their best, succeed at what they love, stay happy and love others along the way.

I hope I can have the pleasure to inspire you to live your best ever life. Either through personal performance or life coaching or my writings on here.

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Robert Hamilton

Robert Hamilton

Robert is a published author and expert mind coach. A certified NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapy™ and Life Enhancement Coach (Dip). Rob has studied the mind and performance for 30 years.

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