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Thanks for stopping by and spending a moment or two to discover more about me.

I ‘see’ into people minds. I intuitively know what and how people think. Unlike other coaches, I don’t have to spend the first coaching session asking a million questions.

Within minutes, I just know what is holding somebody back. I will also know, the best course of action, the right strategies they should use to get what they want.

I have climbed into the minds of:

  • TV & former TV stars
  • Multimillionaires
  • #1 bestselling authors
  • Millionaire and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Sports pro’s
  • CEO’s, executives, and managers
  • Fathers, Mothers and guardians
  • Nurses, Doctors, teachers and a myriad of other professions
  • Coached over 700 clients from more than 33 diverse countries who found themselves unable to find success, happiness or fulfilment in life

It is my purpose in life to climb into the minds of as many people as I possibly can so they can unlock and use their unlimited potential.

So more people can live a happy, fulfilled and successful life getting more of the things they want. (Please see my definition of success here)

I am:

  • A published author
  • Qualified NLP Practitioner (ABNLP)
  • Timeline Therapist™
  • Life Enhancement Coach (dip)
  • Studied people and ‘read’ minds for 52 years

Let Me ‘Read’ Your Mind and Release The Shackles That Are Holding You Back

So why not get come and see me? We can Skype use Facebook or Whatsapp video. We can even talk on the phone (After the 1st session) or email. Entirely up to you.

My 90 minute sessions are life-changers. Over 700 other people can vouch for that. And thousands more through my Anything Really IS Possible workshop.

I am not in this for the money. But if people don’t pay, they don’t pay attention. I give you my full focus and for you to truly benefit I want you to pay 100% attention too.

Stay well, and remember you can live extraordinary and happy too. If you are curious to know more, you can read my full story and experiences.

Coach Robert has featured on live TV, radio, speaking events and magazines.

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