You may have heard that the natural tendency for most minds is to place limits on we what we can do and achieve. When the mind is full of doubt, uncertainty, fear and mostly negative this is heightened.

The other day I was talking to a chap who was telling me all these wonderful things he could do. He was a qualified painter and decorator; a plumber, house renovator and yes something else that escapes me right now (I must have switched off by then).

He was also unemployed. I asked him had he thought about getting his own van and starting his own plumbing business. He had, but it was impossible.

What about starting your own painting and decorating enterprise then? He gave me some lame excuse.

House renovations, I exclaimed! There are loads of opportunities in that aren’t there? Not any more was the reply. Those days were all over. The boom was over. Now you just got paid peanuts. No more opportunity existed in house renovations.

But hey what do I know? he was the ‘expert’. According to him, after asking me if I had ever worked in any of those areas to which I replied I hadn’t (Except for helping sell millions of dollars worth of properties as a CEO for a company) then who was I to comment?

Of course. I am just a performance coach who specializes in helping people get back to their best. I have hundreds of clients I have helped. But what do I know?

Luckily for us both he wasn’t a client. Lol.

But it was quite obvious to me that he unfortunately lacked belief and self-confidence. A mind full of optimism just wouldn’t think like this. Sure, we all get doubts…no matter who we are. But they don’t dominate our thinking.

How an Optimistic Mind Would Think

An optimistic mind would be asking great, powerful questions.

  • How can I put all these skills to their best use?
  • What opportunity is there in where my skills lie?
  • What have I done before that I have made money in?
  • What worked well before?
  • What did I enjoy or would I enjoy the most? Would that be feasible? Is there still opportunity in it?
  • Am I being open to all possibilities?

And so on and so on.

Remember, your mind wants to justify your choices (And actions). So watch out for that. If you are stuck, change your attitude. become more optimistic. Open your mind to all and any possibilities.

It beats being narrow, confused and negative any day of the week. And it’s also healthier for you according to what I have read.