A Message for Your New Year

So here we are in 2015 already. A time for a new beginning and a fresh start. If 2014 didn’t bring you what you wanted then you have a clean slate in front of you right now.

And if you were successful in 2014 remember that complacency can be one of the greatest enemies of success. Or perhaps it could be a time for a little reinvention or a new direction? What got you to where you are today may not be enough to keep you there. Do you need to believe that you can go to the next level?

Regardless of whether you achieved or not last year, I want you to start this year differently. Start believing and internalising that anything really is possible. That you are worthy and deserving of getting what you want. You can take control of your life and experience more success, happiness and fulfillment than ever before.

Your past year (or years) has no bearing on how your future will turn out. Unless you continue to make it that way. You create your future and you have the potential to be whatever you want to be. And regardless of your present circumstances you can still carve out the future you so desire.

You deserve it as much as anyone else.

If you feel you don’t deserve what you want please feel free to email the evidence that proves, beyond doubt, that you cannot.

Welcome change like you would welcome a long lost friend

You just have to change what you have been doing and be willing to change.

Your thinking. Your words. Your actions.

Now I am not going to sit here and type away that all you need do is sit in a room and think yourself to getting more money, a better job or more success. And neither am I going to tell you that you can have any of the above in the next 30 days or so. Or even that it is all as easy as a, b, c.

It’s not. Change takes time. New habits take time to form. Success can take time. Plus you have to navigate the minds’ resistance to the change that you want to bring into your life.

But that doesn’t mean that what you want is not ‘meant to be’ or that you aren’t entitled to have what you want or are undeserved of true happiness and fulfillment just because it doesn’t arrive on an express train next month.

Give it time.

Tear up Those Resolutions Right Now

I know you have good intentions setting those New Year Resolutions, but be honest with yourself, how long do they really last? If like years gone by and the majority of other people, not long right?

Instead, set yourself some real goals because you can achieve them. You deserve to achieve.

You Weren’t Born to Succeed

You weren’t born to fail and neither were you born to succeed. You were just born. However, you do have unique talents and abilities and infinite potential pre-installed before you even ventured out of the womb.

All the tools you need to succeed and get what you want reside within you. The question is, what are you going to do with them?

It is your obligation to release those talents and unleash your potential.

2015 is now your blank canvass. What are you going to paint on it? Why not start right now by drawing a line in the sand and say, “Enough is enough, I will have no more of this nonsense, I deserve more than this” and then go and start creating what you do want?

What is your alternative? Do you like how things have been going? No? Then the ability and the opportunity to change them rests with you and you alone.

Remember, anything really is possible. You can do it. I wish you all that you want in 2015. Please remember it is who you become, what you learn and how you can help others that also matters.

All the very best to you.

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Coach Robert

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