I often blog about the unconscious mind (Tongue in cheek here) as you well know if you visit my blog posts regularly. I love studying it. How it influences the majority of our every day decisions, both big and small; how it silently sets off on its own journey, while we go about our daily lives, getting us what we have planted there with our thoughts.

Yes, the consistent thoughts we produce manifest themselves into our outer world. I often refer to it because of this, as the mere prover of your thoughts. Yes my friend, the power of your unconscious mind is unfathomable.

Spend time in the quiet

Spend time in the quiet

And there is another power, not often discussed and in my opinion, getting used far less often, that your unconscious mind possess: Guidance. The right-every-time-guidance. If you learn to listen to its wisdom it will always direct you on the right path and it will never let you down.

Well, it never lets me down

I conducted a seminar in Perth, Australia last Saturday. When I am giving my powerful, cutting edge mind technology content, I often go for a walk outside on my own when we have a break. I use this time mostly to gather my thoughts and think about how I can best serve the people who have attended in the next session. This particular Saturday morning I was about to go back to the floor to carry on when I was suddenly prompted to take one more trip round the route I had just taken.

I followed this nudge and in doing so I found my small pink USB stick on the floor (I don’t normally walk with my head down either). It must have inadvertently come out of my pocket when I took my phone out.

No big deal you may well think.

The USB stick contained a whole days filming of my previous seminar that had been erased from the camera after being uploaded. An hour later there was a torrid downpour. If I had not taken that extra walk I wouldn’t have even known the USB was missing as I actually thought I had put it away in my computer bag. And even if I had realised later that it was missing from my pocket, the rain would have surely ruined it and all its valuable content.

Now when my unconscious mind ‘prompted’ me to take that extra walk, I didn’t know why it had-but I just acted on it. When you learn to listen to these promptings (They are almost like silent, inner compulsions) I strongly suggest you to act-even though there may be no apparent or logical reason to do so.

Your Unconscious mind is pleading with you to give it some quiet time

And it works in other small but just as powerful and profound ways too. It may nudge you to call someone, go somewhere, see a particular person, read a certain article-literally anything. But it will never be wrong. You call the person and they have that contact you need, the address you want or the ‘phone number you were looking for.

It isn’t sending these instructions on a constant daily basis but just when you need them. The more you learn to listen the more they come and the more easily you can recognise the difference between what it is telling you to do and mere wishful thinking.

One time in my life it told me not to invest in shares when all around me were. It was a no-brainer they all urged. The temptation to invest was strong. My unconscious mind told me otherwise and I saved my life savings of 50k while all those around me lost that and more.

Learn to listen to it-it will never let you down-providing you are willing to respect it and give it something it is crying out for: Some respite from the cackle and incessant noise that abounds all around us.

Develop your own quiet time. Go into your room and leave your electronic social network behind for a while. Or go for a walk into the beauty of nature and listen there.

Yes my friend, it wants-no-is yearning-for some quality quiet time-with you.