Well, my fellow bloggers, friends and followers (And I say that humbly) its been a couple of weeks since my last post. Unusual for me in all honesty. Since I have set up this blog, some 12 months ago or is it 13 (?) I have written 63 blogs. My other site became infected…hacked, making it impossible to blog on that site ever again. That one was up for one year + and I wrote over 65 posts there…but I am already digressing off my topic of nothing. 

This month has seen less blogging (Here comes the Mother of excuses) as I am preparing for my major move back home to the UK. There I will be starting a new business. This will be called Explode Your Results (Tagline: Increase Your Sales). I will be providing compelling copy for websites, landing pages and compelling video scripts that sell. Helping entrepreneurs fill their sales and marketing funnels with hypnotic content that can skyrocket their results. I will also be coaching these entrepreneurs on their mind and how it can greatly impact their business…afterall, everything starts in the mind. Everything starts in your mind. 

a blog about nothing

A blog about errh, not much

My second business is The Mind Coaching Academy. A membership site that is designed to kick-start anyone’s life in just 90 days or less. I am not saying this to sell you the concept or ask you to join when I launch (I already have my marketing ready-almost) to do that. This is not new per se, more of a relaunch and revamp.

I am passionate about both (And outstanding at both. Yes, that is self-promotion, lol) although my mind coaching is the love of my life, if ever I had to choose just one. I truly love helping people kick-start their life.

So with all of that going on, packing, finding shipping couriers and the like, it has been a hectic month. Yes, it’s an excuse.

I did take time out to notice how my mind was behaving. This is something I talk in detail about on my seminars, but here I will be brief.

I spotted that once I had decided to move back to the UK, my mind went about its duty and started to highlight the reasons why it was the best thing I should do. But even on a silly scale.

For example, the mosquitoes started to irritate me more than ever. The heat was unbearable. Outside was scorching, and “This house is soooo hot” I grumbled more than once over a couple of days. When I stopped and observed what my mind was doing I laughed.

I have always got bitten since being here in Malaysia-every day for the past 4 years. But suddenly it was irritating. The house I have lived in has been a sun trap for the past 3 years and I haven’t grumbled about it. I’ve lived through it. But now that I was going home, my mind was actively seeking justification for my decision. It was finding ways to say to me, “Hey you’re far better off out of here”

The mind is like that. Your mind is like it. It actively searches for evidence to show you your beliefs are correct and the decisions you make are always the right decisions; even when they might not be. In the latter case we term it as ‘self-justification’. Even criminals hide behind this for their abhorrent actions.

It also, and this is important, ignores evidence contrary to your held belief or the decision you have made.

In my particular case, I think my mind was preparing me to live in the UK. It was perhaps getting me ready to acclimatise to the polar opposite weather conditions I will soon be experiencing. Maybe. But the moment I became consciously aware of what it was doing, the small niggles suddenly caused by mosquitoes and heat instantly vanished. They were no longer getting under my skin.

I know deep down inside my decision is right. But had I been making a rash, foolhardy choice, my mind would still have performed the same actions with convincing effect. 

Anyway, I have full control of my own future. My results are and will be a direct result of how I apply myself. Nobody else will be responsible. I am blessed of course with an intense belief, an inner knowing, that everything will work out just out fine. I will get what I want. I hold that belief when I play my mental videos of where I will be, what I will be doing, with whom and so forth, every morning.

It is an exciting chapter that I will be writing in my Book of Life.

Watch this space my friends, watch this space.