With Valentines day just around the corner, I thought I would take a light hearted look at ways us guys can kill the passion and ruin what could, and should, be a romantic day filled with luuurve.

Well guys first of all, Valentines day isn’t about you; it’s about her (Isn’t everything about her?). So if you want yours to go smoothly, here are 9 things you don’t want to do.

1) Only Tell her She is Special/You Love Her via Facebook

Yeah, yeah yeah, you’ve posted your undying love for her with a pretty picture on her wall. But so what? After the novelty of seeing a few likes from her friends with comments of, “Awww, isn’t he sweet” (And a few “get a room will ya” from your single mates) it won’t be long until she is wondering where her real message and card is. Plus, she might just be thinking you are only being openly romantic to impress others. Like her friends.

Passion Killer Rating: 3.5/5

2) Forget 

“The only way to remember your anniversary every year,” wrote a comedian who slips my mind, “Is to forget the first one”

Forget this day and it’s a close second to forgetting birthday’s and anniversaries. There can be NO excuse with all the hype around.

Passion Killer Rating: 4.8/5

broken heart

3) Give Her the Wrong Compliment

You walk in late from a long day. You know you are going out for that candlelit dinner. Your date is all ready. “Well, what do you think?” (I’m quite positive they are just waiting for us not to get it right)

“Love the new dress honey, you look stunning!” Bad move. She doesn’t have a new dress on. She painstakingly had to sit through 4 hours at the salon. She has had her hair and nails done especially for what was going to be, the night (Until her birthday of course).

Passion Killer Rating: 4/5

4) Get Her a Gift for the Home

Ouch! The last thing she wants is something for the home. I once offered to get my wife a blender (It was state-of-the-art) way back at Christmas 2010. I still get reminded about it today. What made it worse was that it was a present for the kitchen. Oh dear…

Passion KIller Rating: 4.5/5


5) Surprise her with, “You can have a day off doing the housework darling”

This is just soooo wrong on so many levels. The main one being you should be pulling your weight around the house anyway.

Passion KIller Rating: 4.3/5

6) A Sport’s Event is Not the Ideal Date

Yeah she may well like sports and might even like the extreme kind. But going to watch a Monster Truck show, your favourite football/soccer/basketball team is not her idea of romance.

Passion KIller Rating: 2/5

7) Tell the Story of a Previous Valentine Date

Yes, it may have been funny/weird/strange/remarkable/disastrous for all the wrong reasons. You and your mates may well have found it hilarious. But it just doesn’t matter in the slightest to her.

The mere thought that you are even thinking of a previous valentine; the sheer fact that an ex has even stepped foot into your mind is passionate suicide and in some cases, dire consequences for your car.

Passion KIller Rating: Off the Scale


8) Moan about Those Rip-Off Florists

Yes I know these florists should be wearing masks with what they charge for flowers for this one day. And their smug take-it-or-leave-it attitude grinds at us too (They know we can’t leave it).

But she doesn’t want to hear that you could have got those roses last week for 400% less than what it’s costing you today.

Save those torture stories for florists for when you are with your mates.

Passion Killer Rating: 3.3/5


9) Rush the Dinner

“No, I don’t want dessert darling, I’m full. You look full too. Shall I get the bill?”

Yes I know most of us could quite easily skip this expense altogether and order takeaway. But remember, her passion timer is set at 45 minutes past the hour and not at 3 minutes past. Like yours.

Passion Killer Rating 3.3/5

Have a super, loving and romantic Valentines if you celebrate.

And remember, your love and passion should be showed and shared all the year through. Every day should have at least one ‘I love you’, one kiss and one hug in it. Our partners should be treasured.