Do you read inspirational quotes? I do. Some are good reminders for me, others can lift me emotionally while still more boost my belief or confidence.

When I stumble across a good quote it usually works out that the quote is just what I need to read at the time I see it.

There are seven on here and I hope that one of these works the same way for you too.

Maybe you can ponder over it at the weekend if there is one that really feels just right for you.

Here, there are 3 powerful affirmations that you can use on a daily basis that can change your life.

Love this by one of my 3 heroes, Nelson Mandela

quotes, mandela, learn

This is always a good reminder for me to ensure I have a positive, bright future in front of me.

faith, future, lds church


Love this by Katy Perry. So true. Confidence is the tool you need to take action on your dreams.

confidence, katy perry


Is your belief as strong as it could be? When you improve your belief anything becomes possible.


robert d Hamilton quote belief


A lot of famous and highly successful people use a coach of some kind. Have you been thinking of hiring one?


coaching, accomplish, reese witherspoon


This quote helps me deal with those “haters” that we all get when we live big and live well.


haters, people, marilyn monroe


And last but not least, after the royal wedding, I thought it would be apt to include this.

I like this quote because it reminds me that we are all enough. We don’t have to make unfair comparisons about ourselves.


Meghan Markle

Have a great weekend.

Remember you can live big too.

What is your favourite quote? Do you use it often?