You either have your results or you have reasons for no results. I call them excuses. Here are 7 of those pesky excuses you can eliminate from your life right now so that you can get better results-or more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. Of course, if you are not making excuses for lack and are highly successful you can skip reading this blog (Or pass it on to someone you know who cowers behind their excuses).

In my line of work I hear all sorts of stuff as to why people either haven’t achieved or haven’t even bothered trying. The latter being the worst of course.

And I’m not apologizing, fellow bloggers and readers, for being direct. This is how I sometimes answer them when I am coaching, depending on the individual.

1) I’m too old.

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that success or getting what you want came with an expiry date? I know plenty of people who didn’t start achieving until their mid 50’s and beyond. And the funny thing is, I was talking to someone the other day who said they were too young. Nonsense.

2) I’m too young

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that success or getting what you want comes with a start date. I’ve read of millionaires at the age of 16, so what’s stopping you? And the funny thing is, I was talking to someone the other day who said they were too old. What do you make of that? Nonsense.

3) I’m not intelligent enough

Really? If you are looking for a career with NASA it could be a problem. Are you?

I think it is over 70% of self-made, successful people were only C grade students. There is another high number of such dropouts running Fortune 500 companies. So what has intelligence got to do with it? There is also different types of intelligence, I believe. Like emotional, artistic (Music, carpentry, poetry, drawing etc) and social intelligence. I once worked in a multi-million dollar company. Virtually every employee was a Uni graduate, yet I was running the whole department and they weren’t. What do you make of that?

4) I don’t have the money

Ah, that old chestnut. Another big copout. Having no or little money can be great. It forces you to be extra creative in your endeavors. I read of a self-made guy who when he started was living in a hostel for the homeless. I remember once when I put on a self-improvement course (When I was still in the depths of depression) and within 12 weeks I had 21 attendee’s. I did all the marketing and created the course with no money and no computer. And I had to pay for a hall to conduct the weekly classes. Nonsense.

5) I inherited my failures; it’s in my genes; its my parents fault

Another popular nonsense excuse over the last few years. 20 or 30 years ago you probably couldn’t have blamed your genes, so I wonder what excuse people used then? Strange things is (And I’m not going into detail in this blog, please just trust me) your genes can actually be switched ‘on’ or ‘off’ depending on your thinking. So who’s to blame again?

The other popular one of course is it is my parents fault. They are to blame, people cry. No they are not. You are responsible for your results nobody else. Take responsibility. I recently read that 74% of the CEO’s of the top 500 Fortune companies had bad upbringings by their parents. Sort of eliminates the parent trap excuse, right?

Oh, and look at some of the major achievers. They had horrendous childhoods. Take Oprah Winfrey for example. Get rid of the parent excuse right now.

6) It’s in my stars; I’m the wrong sign; feng shui/ wrong number/date of birth

Oh you are crouching behind this are you? Leave it to fate? If you leave it to fate you are doomed. Did an astrologer tell you that you were the wrong sign? How many predictions have they actually got correct? If I gave out as many as they did I would get some right too. But if you believe in me, I will also predict your future for you. I ‘suggest’ and you simply self prophesy. Listen, if you want to predict the future I suggest you get out there and start creating it. It’s all nonsense.

7) I don’t know what I want

Oh my, but if you did, you would be out there right? Sure. I tell you what, why not start at least doing something whilst you are seeking what you want? And if you keep using that language, you will go to the grave never knowing. I didn’t discover what I utterly loved to do until I was 40 something. I had jobs I hated and work I enjoyed. It’s part and parcel of getting to find what you do love. Meantime, you are earning money and being productive and who knows what it could lead to?

Remember, you can go through life justifying all of these excuses or you can start getting better results. It really is your choice.

By the way, I have used all those excuses too at sometime or another. They got me nowhere.

If you take responsibility for your outcomes and then take appropriate action you will find success and the things you truly desire appearing more and more in your life. It’s not rocket science. And don’t let anyone tell you it is.