What do you do when you are looking for a product or service? For example, if you are about to move home and need a removal service, what do you do? Do you grab the print phone book or a local business directory? (Do they even exist anymore?)

Of course you don’t. You go straight to Google, Bing or Yahoo armed with your android, tablet or laptop and perform a search. Just like 86% of other potential clients do, according to research (However, the exact figures are difficult to determine. It’s probably more). 

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Your website can make you more money

But even if those figures are correct, think about it for a moment….86% of your potential clients (Prospects) are searching for you online.

And that means as you quickly read this and easily take it all in there are potential clients looking for you online, right now.

Now their first port of call will more than likely be your website. That is your shop window to the world wide web (That’s a reminder of your potential clients you can reach. Sometimes we can forget this amazing fact).

My question to you is this: What do they find when they click through to your site? What are they seeing? Is your shop window enticing more customers to come on in and look around? Or is it making people press that back button with lightning, well-performed reflexes and walk on to the next store?


Here are 5 ways that you can instantly increase the response rate of your website and generate more sales, more opt-in’s and more scorching-hot leads.

Now these even apply to your video marketing too. And I do not recommend that you only use video on your site either. Most of the successful, online big shots use both.

Landing Page (The area people first see when they land on your site from any device)

The headline here must instantly capture attention or the prospect will flee immediately to their next search result.

You can have everything else right on your site but if the headline doesn’t grab attention everything else is pointless. Why? Because with declining attention spans and 1.2 million or so results in their search, they won’t stick around to read anymore.

Not even those pesky scanners.

The headline must address what I call the pain, problem or frustration of your prospect. Addressing the pain, problem or frustration directly can do this, or it can be solution focused. And sometimes, it can be a combination of both.

For example, if you had a weight loss site you could place a headline such as;

How to Lose 10kg of Unwanted Belly Fat in Just 2 Weeks –

Without Dieting or Exercising

(Of course you would also need a great sub-headline and you would have to back up these claims!)

I have seen changes in headlines increase sales and response rates by a whopping 1000%!

The Body Copy 

Now that you have grabbed their attention, the text below it must be compelling and engaging to ensure the prospect carries on reading about what you are offering.

attracting customers

Great copy draws in the prospect to read more

 This copy should be congruent. In other words, it must support the headline.

And the sub-heads to your short paragraphs need to be hypnotic too, so that you can grab the attention of those pesky scanners.

Evidence/Social Proof 

Now you have hooked your reader, evidence must be provided to back up your claims (From the headline and body copy). This can be done via testimonials, graphs, pictures, stats or even video demonstrating your product at work.

If you would like a free website performance test based on these 5 key areas please go to and take 10 seconds to punch in your web and email address.


Prospects want to know that they are spending their hard-earned cash with one of the best in the business. Your authority and or expertise must be clear and of course, real.

What you must remember here is the timing or when you produce your authority and expertise. Prospects are not interested in you or your credentials, no matter how impressive, when they first land on your site.

In fact at this point they couldn’t give a @#&% who you or your company are.

The big question to ask your self here is: Why should a prospect choose you over your competition?

A Compelling Call to Action (CTA)

Prospects need to be guided what to do next. In fact I like to go one step further: Prospects need to be TOLD what to do. This is not an attack on anyone’s intelligence it is merely human psychology.

The mind wants to be told what to do. It doesn’t want to have to search or try to fathom out what it needs to do. That takes effort.

A strong CTA is critical.

If you pay attention to these 5 key strategies they will help your site stand out from all the clutter. You will rise above the other 1.2 billion dot coms out there.

A further note about your headlines on your website.

The real sales type headlines should be reserved in the main part for your Landing pages (the one page landing sites I am referring to, where you collect email addresses for your list building campaigns), sales pages and video sales letters.

Although the headlines on your site should be compelling and attention grabbing, your site needs to be more informational. Remember, people are getting sold to or seeing marketing messages at every angle.

Take a good long look at your site and check you are applying these strategies and see if you can improve them or implement them.

It is well worth the effort.

Robert D Hamilton is a world-class copywriter, performance and marketing coach and author.

If you would like a free website performance test based on these 5 key areas please go to and take 10 seconds to punch in your web and email address.