5 Mind Tools to Achievement

The path to get what we want in life isn’t always plain sailing. I am sure I do not have to tell you that.

Yes on the way to achievement we have to weather choppy waters, high winds trying to push us off course and sometimes, the worst storms. So it is how we cope with such tempests, obstacles and setbacks that matters most.

Here are some mind tools that I hope you can use to help you achieve what you want in your life. Be rest assured, if you aren’t getting what you want, then you are aren’t doing something, a strategy, that will get you what you do want. Stands to reason, does it not?

success has obstacles

It’s not always plain sailing to success

Look at each obstacle as either a challenge or a problem to be solved

There is a lot of puff speak about using the word challenge as opposed to problem, especially in the modern workplace. Some people are scathed for even mentioning the word problem in an office, especially in those positive team meetings. It’s like you have sworn at the CEO’s husband if you mention, we have a problem. “We only have challenges in here young man” followed by looks as if you are from the 1980’s and you need to get with the programme.

All well and good. But in my opinion it depends on what type of person you are and how you think and perceive obstacles. After working with thousands of people I know many that prefer to solve something over being challenged. Some people just love solving problems and take pride in finding solutions.

Others would rather be challenged. And likewise they perceive obstacles as a call to get moving and find a way to rise to that challenge.

Do you prefer to rise to the challenge or solve a problem? Whichever way rocks your boat is the way to view any obstacle that may befall your progress to getting what you want. And obstacles will appear on your path from time to time. Be ready to deal with them in your preferred method of thinking.

The greatest achievements in life often incur the greatest sacrifices

Be flexible

Flexibility of mind is very important. Being rigid in thought, in the context of setbacks or obstacles is not always a good thing. We must be able to see other approaches that may be needed. We must be flexible enough in our thinking to change things, try new things and do different things to get what we want. Being flexible of mind helps us recognise opportunity more often and more clearly. And it helps us to respond and adapt to different situations in a more creative way and find those answers to our problems or challenges.

If you have flexibility in mind, you will be able to accept and recognise my next tip.

Believe in and be prepared for feedback

Yes, yes, yes, another one of those ‘in’ terminologies being thrown around. I hear so many people saying it, but not believing in it or practising it. Everyone loves feedback when things are going well. When things go wrong, a lot of people view feedback as an attack on their methods or beliefs and set about being overly defensive and are not open to feedback. They stubbornly hold onto their way.

Any result we achieve is a form of feedback. A setback is a result and therefore feedback; and we must be open to that feedback. It is our way of learning what we did right and what we may have done wrong. If you view your setback as feedback rather than failure, you will learn how to do something differently to get the result you want next time.

Be open to feedback. Both the good and not so good.

Obstacles are only obstacles when you have forgotten your purpose

Remember your purpose

Why do you do what you do? Why do you want to achieve what you are setting out to achieve? For what purpose do you want it? If you have that greater purpose in your being, this can be your internal motivation to overcome virtually any obstacle if you ever do meet one of those severe storms. Reminding yourself of this (Providing it is congruent with your values and compelling) will give you that added rocketfuel to spur you on to your greatest dreams.

Personally, I use this a lot. I even use it when I have an extra long day to get through and I am tired say, and would rather slump in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.

So if you have a setback, or are currently demotivated by some persistent obstacles, challenges or problems, remind yourself of why you are doing what you are doing.

Be positive

Oh really Robert, I know all that. Yes, I am sure you do. But are you practising it? Being positive is again something everyone is aware of, yet not as many people learn to live it. Being positive is a skill. It is a way of training your thoughts. Positivity breeds optimism and being optimistic is having the sunny disposition of knowing that everything will work out in the end; that there is always a way.

(Very briefly here) The Law of Consistency states that your consistent thoughts will produce the same words or language patterns. The consistent words you use (Produced by your consistent thought) will results in actions that reflect such language. So you may well ‘know’ about being positive, but are you learning to become it? Your consistent actions would tell me what you really think on a consistent basis.

success is possible

Your dream can be yours

So be positive. Being so allows you the creativity and skills to be able to find an answer to your problem or rise to your challenge.

How many people do you know who give up at the first obstacle? The second? The third? I rest my case.

If you aren’t getting what you want in life, then you have to do something else to get different results. I hope that these tips will help you to live out your purpose.

You deserve to be achieving your dreams.

To your happiness, success and fulfillment,


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