Updated 14th April 2018

Today I thought I would share with you 43 observations of life. Just stuff I have noticed. Some you may disagree with. But hey, that’s okay too.

No biggie explanations like I normally would, just a numbered list.

I could of course, like you, write 1043. But hey, that would take too much time to read.

  1. People are capable of achieving so much more than they think they can
  2. It’s not about the winning, the taking part or accumulating shiny stuff. Life is about being able to answer the question, “Did I give it my best shot?”
  3. If you can learn how to change your thinking and master your mind, you will have happier and tons more, wonderful experiences. (It’s actually quite easy when you know how)
  4. Relationships with others should be nurtured and treasured. They need the same effort as our work in order to succeed
  5. We all have God-given talents and we should be using them to serve others. And it’s okay to make money while doing what we love
  6. Life is sometimes unfair. Sometimes it appears just down right cruel. But there can be blessings found in all situations
  7. Everyone else is doing the best they can
  8. People aren’t really thinking about YOU so don’t let other people hold you back
  9. This is your one and only life. There will be no encore. Therefore, make the most of it.
  10. Focus on creating memories with others
  11. Trust implicitly and that means other people too
  12. Be yourself. Too many people are acting to please others. It’s not worth it (See # 8)
  13. You don’t have to look different to be different or indeed to make a difference
  14. A different perspective can change your whole experience in an instant
  15. Worrying is a complete waste of mental energy. About 85% of what people worry about NEVER actually happens
  16. Everyone has the the opportunity to make their life better
  17. Technology is wonderful. It should be embraced
  18. Too many people become addicted to misery
  19. Personal responsibility is fast becoming extinct. Now, everything is labelled as an “Illness” so it’s nobody’s fault, nobody should be blamed
  20. Success can be achieved by everyone.
  21. There is a lot of pressure on young people to be like ‘all the successful people’ on TV and social media
  22. The ‘every one is a winner’ attitude in schools is harmful to kids and actually hinders them
  23. Happiness is not achieved when you ‘get that new job’ ‘the new house’ ‘earn more money’ etc
  24. Life doesn’t have to be so flaming serious all the time
  25. Gratitude is the first step to getting more even if what you have now is nothing or very little
  26. We should learn to laugh at ourselves a little more
  27. You are worthy to have whatever you desire in life or business
  28. There are winners and losers. It’s how we deal with the losses that matters. They are simply life lessons
  29. A lot of illness is fed into the mind and body by cultural beliefs and Big Pharma (For example, ‘Everyone over 50 starts to lose their memory’)
  30. Resilience should be taught in schools. Our young people would then be better equipped to deal with setbacks that inevitably occur
  31. The lives and statements you see on social media are not really a true reflection of what is really going on, most of the time
  32. The world does judge you. Let it get on with it
  33. Time is precious. Spend it wisely
  34. People should be told you love them far more often
  35. Men and women are equal and should be treated so. However, men and women are also different…the two shouldn’t be confused
  36. New isn’t always better; old isn’t always worse
  37. There is nothing wrong with chivalry
  38. Everybody deserves a second, and third, and fourth chance in life
  39. Life is actually, truly wonderful – if you want it to be
  40. A small act of kindness can have a massive effect on somebody’s life and even their future
  41. Self-confidence is a key factor in achieving anything. Fortunately, it can be learned and acquired
  42. Goals give your life purpose and direction (See # 2)
  43. Love is the root of all right action

These are my little observations. I am sure you have your own too.

Isn’t life just so fascinating?