You work hard and you are passionate and committed about what you want. Well, I hope you are. If you are not at that stage yet, I will presume you have a dream or a goal to make your life, business or results better than they are now.

Maybe you would like more time, money or freedom? Perhaps you have a burning desire to become a successful entrepreneur or to excel as a leader at work?

Whatever your hopes and dreams are for creating a life you want to lead, if it is not happening, despite all your efforts, then you must agree that something you are doing isn’t quite right, right?

As the saying goes, you cannot keep doing the same things over and over again and expect to get different results, right? Yes, I know you know that. But are you using that information as feedback? Are you actively seeking what could be preventing you from getting your desired results?

Too often when people are not getting the results they want they change the goals and try again. Then a few months or so down the line, they repeat the same process and change the goals again. Although there are rare times when goals must be changed, in the majority of cases it is our approach we must change.

(And when I say approach, by this I mean something that is going on in the mind; something within)

In most cases, people fail to create the life they want or achieve the results they desire because they are lacking in the biggest trait all successful people possess in abundance.

When I am coaching clients, I often find this trait is lacking, even when they think it is strong. I have found this # 1 trait applies whether somebody is seeking improvements in life, their business or their performance in sport.

If you are getting all the results you want, then this post is not for you. However, even those amongst you who aren’t getting what they want also tend to switch off at the mere mention of this. That’s up to you. But if you do fall in to the latter, then it would be a wise choice to take 2 minutes and read this.

In short here is the formula to know if this post is worth your time:

Beliefs form our Behaviours; behaviours determine our actions and our actions get our results.

Are you fully happy with your current results?

The # 1 Trait all Successful People Have in Abundance is “Belief”

I have studied successful people for over 26 years and have read countless biographies and other books on the subject. I also class myself as successful, having achieved some of my wildest dreams and have friends and clients that are multi-millionaires, millionaires or are financially free.

Other friends and clients are creating and living their epic life, doing what they love to do and are filled with a deep sense of personal fulfillment, which is the real measuring stick of any success.

And still other clients and friends who have gone from ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary’. It is the same theme running through the thousands of books and people I have studied and coached.

And I can tell you emphatically that they are overflowing with an intense personal belief. It oozes out of every pore in their being. You can see it in them. You can feel it vibrating out of their body.

This one trait stands as the towering mountain to their success, over all other traits.

Do You Believe? I Mean Really, BELIEVE?

People think they believe in what they are doing. They think they believe that they will be successful, become an olympic champion, get their team to achieve the impossible, start and build that successful business or create their epic life.

But deep down they don’t. Not in their unconscious mind – where a minimum of 40% of all behaviour is controlled and directed.

You will know these as Limiting beliefs and I have spoken about them before. But they exist. They are powerful. And if the neuroscientists have got it right, if you stop and think about it for a moment, they could be causing you to withhold a minimum 40% of your potential.

Imagine what you could do if you unlocked that extra 40%? That’s nearly half of your current performance levels! How much more would you be achieving?

But of course it goes deeper than this. Some of these Limiting Beliefs, or Stoppers as I like to call them, are preventing you from achieving altogether.

ANYTHING really IS possible for you. How you react to that, after the feeling of being pumped has settled, will be a good marker for how much you really do believe in yourself and achieving what you want.

So if you think you believe in what you are doing, but are still struggling to get the results you do want, these will be the cause. Get rid of them, and you will be tapping into that extra 40% of your potential. This expands when you have beliefs of excellence serving you. In fact, I believe, your potential is unlimited.

3 Surefire Ways to Test How Strongly You Really do Believe

Try these out for size to see if you believe as much as you think or say you do.

How do you respond when obstacles or delays appear?

One sure fire way to test if you truly believe or not, is to see how you have responded when those pesky obstacles have cropped up. How resilient are you? How downhearted do you become? How soon do you press forward?

Is your belief shattered and left in tatters? if so, for how long? Of course anyone can doubt initially.

If you don’t believe in you or what you do, how do you expect others to believe in you or what you do?

But what about if you get one of those brick walls on the road to getting what you want?  Or a big setback to your progress, you know something that sets you back six months or so? If you have ever suffered such, how did you bounce back? Did you bounce back? Did you carry on, or like I mentioned earlier, did you change your goal instead?

When you have an intense belief, you can overcome anything. Yes you need strong Why’s but belief is still the rich, fertile soil that those are planted in.

# 2 The Language You Frequently Use

Another foolproof way is to watch your language. Some limiting beliefs are revealed right there. Of course some of these Stoppers, because they live in our unconscious mind, we are unaware of them. You need a coach to root those entrenched ones out.

Language that begins with “Never and always”  are signs that you don’t fully believe as strongly as you should.

The same is true with sentences that start with, “I can’t” or “I won’t” but there are other forms too, like the metaphors you use for life, money, success etc. For ease, I will just stick to language here.

Examples are,

  • “I can never seem to get what I want’
  • “I always get so far then no further”
  • “I’m always procrastinating”
  • “I can’t seem to get my team to perform as I want them to”
  • “Building a business is almost impossible”
  • “I don’t think people will pay me that much for my services”
  • “Everybody only buys on price”
  • “I always attract the wrong guys” or “I will never have a great relationship”
  • “I don’t have what it takes to be a Champion”
  • “Everybody else is better at X than I am”
  • “Being rich is for other people. I don’t have what it takes”

So watch your language for a while. And that includes what you say when you are talking to yourself.

# 3 You Are Dreaming Small or Setting Small Goals/Targets

How big are your dreams? I mean really, how big are they? Are you stretching yourself? This is another sign you don’t fully believe or you have limiting beliefs of how far you can go.

This happens to a fair few entrepreneurs I coach. Their business reaches a small, relatively successful level and they stagnate. Yes it can be business strategy reasons, but belief opens your mind to finding those and getting creative and ultimately, expanding.

Belief isn’t something that you possess but rather it possess you

Sports people can fall into this trap too. They don’t fully believe they can be a world champion so they set their sights on regional targets and don’t progress further once that goal is achieved. They don’t believe enough.

I have seen the same small thinking patterns within teams too.

When I was Group Business Director I once set a team target that everyone thought was impossible. It was. We never reached it. But we missed it by a miniscule amount. And the most important thing? We went way beyond the level everyone thought we could have achieved and beyond what we would have achieved if we hadn’t set such a huge goal.

And of course I was full of belief. I installed that belief into the team. We ended up setting world records.

Cultivate Your Intense Belief and Watch Your Life, Business or Results Explode

So from all my experience, both personally and professionally, all successful people have an unwavering, steadfast belief in themselves, a belief in their ability to get what they want (Or to learn how); and a belief it will all come into reality.

So whether you are a budding entrepreneur looking to change the world with your idea; a leader who wants to set new records with her team; a sports person who wants to become a champion; or just somebody who wants to make a better life for himself and those around them, you must develop an intense belief.

If you are not getting what you want, this will be the # 1 reason why.

So once you eliminate those limiting beliefs, you must fill your whole being with a new belief system. You must cultivate this inner belief. It must be an intense belief that anything really is possible! because it is.

When you do this, it is like magic happens in your life. People will respond to you better. Partners, both personally and professionally will be more inclined to back you. They will see your belief. Opportunities suddenly ‘present’ themselves. When you are full of belief, you become a people magnet. Others are drawn to you, and not just when you need them  but at all times.

When you have an intense belief your mind naturally rises above pettiness. Obstacles and setbacks are far easier overcome.

They won’t know why, but more and more people want to be in your energy orbit when you have cultivated an intense inner belief, it’s how it works.

Circumstances change because your outlook has changed. When you KNOW (believe) that your goal will become a reality, your experiences change. You naturally become happier because you know everything will be better soon. Petty things don’t irk you anymore and you are able to automatically, rise above such trivia.

The mental video of your desired future that you now fully believe in, will become a reality. When you believe your mind becomes the best ally you could ever wish for. It will actively seek out ways for you to get what you want.

Yes belief does all this and more. Take the time to build it, cultivate it and watch it grow. And all that you want in life you will get.

Robert is a Life and Performance Coach. He gets you results way beyond your expectations. If you want to fully unlock your true potential and start setting your own personal records then get in touch here or to discover more information please go here