You don’t have to be a golf fan to take some positives away from Sergio Garcia winning The Masters in Augusta yesterday. In fact you don’t even have to like sport full stop.

And you can take it from me, having not picked up a golf club for over 13 years, there will be no golfing tips in todays blog either. So on with the post.

Finally….Garcia Wins a Major

After a tense and thrilling game and a play off against Justin Rose, Garcia finally won his first major. It was his 74th attempt. So 74 times he had entered a major competition and never won. That is persistence right there.

Sure he got good placings over 20 years or so trying. But his major win – the one thing he had always wanted – had always escaped him.

Previously, He Lacked Personal Belief

Early on in his career Garcia thought that he was going to have an illustrious career at majors. But after losing a couple of times, these unwanted experiences changed what he once believed.

Your results follow your beliefs

3 or 4 years ago in a candid interview, Garcia himself said,

“I don’t think I will ever win. I don’t think I have got it in me. I think I will always be playing for 2nd, 3rd or a top 10 place at best

His language patterns were revealing his belief system. He had held this limiting belief for many years. His results of course, followed his beliefs.

Intervention – and a Shift in Thinking

So why did Garcia suddenly win on his 74th attempt? Well, 3 or 4 years ago Garcia settled down with his new girlfriend, they are now engaged. I would stake my money on the fact that she has interrupted how he thinks. She has been the intervention in his thinking patterns and it has made him a winner.

A lot of people have achieved more because somebody else believed they could achieve more. Zig Ziglar

His beliefs changed.

3 Lessons We Can Learn from Garcia

1) Keep Going

Most people when they say, “I have tried so many times to get a new job” (Or whatever result they would like), in reality they have ‘tried’ maybe 2 or 3 times. Persist at what you want to achieve.

How many times have you tried to get better results? I mean really tried? Does it amount to 74?

2) Look at What You Really Believe

Belief is the foundation to all achievement. I know you know this and I know you hear it all the time. Like a parent scolding their child too often, it is easy to zone out when you read or hear about ‘beliefs’.

The beliefs that hold us back are more often than not, on an unconscious level, meaning we cannot identify them and can go through life frustrated because we aren’t getting what we want, despite our attempts and conscious desire to be or do better (They require a good coach to identify, eliminate and replace).

We can go through life totally oblivious to the unconscious, limiting beliefs that stop us from achieving what we consciously desire

Be mindful of the language you use when discussing what you want to achieve. That will be a good guide as to what you really believe versus what you think you believe.

So what do you believe is possible for you? Your answer will lie in your results. Have any unwanted experiences changed what you once believed? It can only take one or two negative experiences to change what somebody believes.

3)  Intervention and Change

Oftentimes it is not the goal we need to change but our approach to it. This can mean a shift in how we think. Getting that shift often requires intervention. Over time and with a couple of experiences or results we wouldn’t rather have, it is easy to get bogged down in one way of thinking.

Small changes to how we think can have a colossal impact in our results

An intervention is when somebody or something can snap us out of this fixed mindset. If you cannot get a coach to do this for you find a friend or colleague who is willing to give you honest and direct feedback.

You can get them to challenge any unwanted or negative experiences or empower you to see them for what they truly are – experiences.

I have seen small shifts in thinking with many clients and those small tweaks have had a surprisingly, massive impact in their results. Surprising to them of course.

Are you willing to change old thinking habits? Do you feel you need to? Are you aware of any old thinking patterns that could be holding you back and preventing you from unlocking more potential and improving your results?

Everything you want and desire begins in your mind. A better performance from your team (Begins in your mind), promotion at work, more sales or customers, climbing the corporate ladder, landing your dream job, improved performance in your sport – all begins in your mind.

Change your thinking and you will change your results.