3 Simple, Powerful Ways to Change Destructive Thoughts

One of the main goals of your unconscious mind is to keep you safe; to ensure you survive. But as the great psycho-therapist Virginia Satr once stated, “A bigger task your unconscious mind has…bigger than keeping you alive…is to keep things familiar” (Not verbatim).

I agree with this. Wholeheartedly.

there is more to life

Your mind wants to keep you in the cell it has built

The mind does not like change. Even when that change is for the betterment of the individual, it will strenuously object to it. It wants to keep things familiar.

You see by keeping things familiar, or as they were before, that keeps you safe.

Think about it for a moment.

Last week you didn’t die. You survived. You were kept alive by how things were. If you now change how  you were last week or last month or last year, you will be sailing into unchartered waters. You will be travelling into unfamiliar territory.

Your unconscious mind does not know for certain that you will be safe when you venture into pastures new.

Never under-estimate the stealthy tricks your unconscious mind will play when resisting change

So any changes that you make the mind will resist them. It will do whatever it can to ensure your change does not last. It wants to return you to your former ways or states, or thinking patterns or behaviours.

No matter how damaging or limiting those patterns of familiarity may be.

Everything Starts in Your Mind

Most people’s dominant thoughts most of the time, are negative. By negative I mean self-defeating, filled with doubt, a sense of unworthiness, of fear and worry.

These destructive thinking patterns are learned. Over time, they sadly become a part of who we are. Unfortunately, they limit so people from reaching their full potential.

And everything starts in the mind…your mind. “You are what you think all day long” as one great mind once put it. (Was it Voltaire?)

Yes it is these dominant negative thoughts that shape our behaviours. Our behaviours (or actions) get us the results we see in our life.

It therefore makes sense that if we can change these thoughts – our consistent thinking –  we can change our lives.

But the mind will want to resist your changes…

Forewarned is Forearmed

So if you are about to make a change in your life or are currently embarking on making some major changes, expect there to be resistance. Know that it will come. Being aware of this is half the battle to lasting change.

When I changed my familiar, negative and self-defeating thinking patterns that were deeply embedded in both my conscious and unconscious mind, it took a full 12 months to replace them.

I had to unlearn the old thinking habits and learn new ones. Like anything else you may want to master, it takes time.

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Be persistent in your thoughts, language and behaviour. Be patient. Change can take time and it rarely happens overnight. Even now, some 25 years since I reprogrammed my mind, old thinking patterns still haven’t fully disappeared. They try and invade my mind from time to time and tell me ‘I’m not worth it’, ‘I can’t do it’ or ‘it’s not for me’ etc.

Use the ARR Technique to Change Your Thinking


You can break free from destructive thoughts

But now I don’t listen to them. I don’t feed them. I have learned to control how I think and more importantly, what I think. And neither do I beat myself up when I do get these negative or disempowering thoughts. I laugh at them. And then use a 3 step process I refer to as, “Say Arr” A = Acknowledge them No point trying to resist or fight them. Once they have entered my thinking, they are there. I cannot rewind in time. R = Release I Usually say something simple like, ‘Thanks for your opinion” This helps me release them from my thinking. R = Replace Now I just replace those thoughts of doubt or uncertainty to more empowering thoughts. “I am worthy and deserving of success” “I have what it takes” Or whatever; basically the opposite to the unwanted thoughts.

Remember your unconscious mind wants you to remain the same as you were yesterday. It will do all it can to sabotage your efforts to change

If you do this on a consistent basis you can control the vast majority of your thoughts.

Your Challenge

So I challenge you to intercept your thoughts for the next 30 days using this simple, but powerful technique. Your whole life can change for the better. Even after 2 weeks you will feel more confident, unstoppable, positive and happier. This challenge can even open your eyes to new, exciting possibilities!

thinking patterns

You can rewire your thinking patterns

And remember, your mind will drum up all sorts of reasons as to why this won’t work, how it isn’t working and maybe, why you shouldn’t even attempt it!

Repetition is the key to relearning new thinking patterns

Yes, even the mere thought or intention of embarking on change and the mind can instantly resist and try and sabotage your efforts. You now have the choice and the power to change. You can do it! Anything really IS possible.

To get more in depth training (In video) on this and other powerful mind coaching techniques that can get you more success, money and happiness you may want to join my Affordable Online Coaching Community that will be launching very soon. To stay in the loop and get a ridiculously LOW entry price register now

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Rob Hamilton

I am a published author and writer of several ebooks. Known as the Mind Coach, I help people unlock their true potential so that they can achieve their dreams and goals and perform better more of the time.

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Robert Hamilton

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