If you are the type of person who attends seminars, watches videos or reads books about improving yourself, your performance, work prospects, business, sport or another aspect of your life, then you will also be aware (Unless you have been living under a rock) that coaching is an alternative you should consider.

The coaching industry is booming. Why? because it supercedes all other learning. It works. Providing of course you get the right coach for you.

Now of course there are coaches and there are coaches; finding the right one is another blog in itself.  So do your homework before you take on a coach.

So here are my three reasons why coaching trumps all other methods of learning and why you might want to consider investing in one.

3 Reasons Coaching Trumps Other Forms of Learning

  1. A Coach Can Listen to You

Yes, you can offload when you first see a coach. The better ones, will listen to you. They won’t be listening with the intent of wanting to speak. They will really listen to you. They will listen to all your hopes and fears; dreams and aspirations; where you are now and what got you there.

They will listen to your story without bias or judgement.

How can a book do that for you? How can a video listen to you intently? And I too have attended the great seminars where I have been one faceless participant of 5,000 other nameless people. Nobody listened to me.

(There are times, when I am breaking destructive patterns, that I will interrupt somebody’s ‘story’. Again it is about knowing when to do this, how strongly to do it and with whom)

2)  A Coach ‘Understands’ You

Your particular circumstances may not be that different to what other people are going through or have been through. I certainly hear common themes from my clients. However, to you they are different. They are personal and they are unique. Until such time of course, a coach realizes that you believing that is detrimental to your progress.

So a coach ‘gets you’. They can empathise where you are coming from.

With my clients, who the majority seem to be people who are either stuck or who have reached a plateaux or wish to regain past success, I ‘get’ them. I can appreciate what they are going through. I have been there.

It doesn’t mean that their current obstacles or fears are the same as what I had when I was in their position, but I can still connect at a deeper level. To me, this is real rapport.

A great book, an inspirational video or a crowded seminar can’t do that for you.

3) Feedback

Feedback, said the great Ken Blanchard, is the breakfast of champions. And I agree. Feedback is critical to progress. Sometimes, when we monitor our own feedback, we can be a little too judgemental.  By that I mean we tend to either overestimate or (sometimes) grossly underestimate our advancement.

A superb coach will offer you the feedback you need to hear in a timely and honest manner. They will be brutal with you if needed and encourage you when things are tough.

Imagine going on a weight loss programme, weighing yourself before you start, but not allowed to step on the scales ever again? How would you know how you were progressing? You would know eventually, by your clothes of course. But that is a harder and longer way of finding out how you are doing and what adjustments you need to make.

Again, when you are lost in a sea of people at a seminar, reading a fantastic book or watching a compelling video, none of these can offer you the feedback on how you are doing after applying whatever strategies they have been advocating.

Feedback is crucial to the successful attainment of your dreams and goals.

You see everybody wants to be heard. Everybody wants to be understood. And if you are looking to improve some aspect of your life, work, business, performance or sport then everybody should be looking for feedback.

Of course I am not saying that you shouldn’t read, attend seminars or watch videos. I do so myself. But for something specific you want to achieve, consider some aspect of personal or business coaching.

Like my clients, it could explode your results.