1,083 Well Wishes (And some)

This isn’t really a blog post today folks; rather it’s a short message from me to you.

I just wanted to wish you all who follow and read my posts a very Merry Christmas to those who celebrate; and to those who don’t, a happy holiday time if you can take advantage of it.

Try not to believe all the hype of the commercial aspect of the season. It isn’t just about spend, spend, spend. Those messages, watched over time and on a continual basis, can be very powerful. It’s why advertisers spend billions on them.

Rarely are they designed to take you towards your goals and dreams.

I hope you can spend this time with family and the people who matter most to you. And those that have left us, well, I am sure they are watching over us from time to time. And the last thing they would want is for us to be unhappy. I sincerely hope that you are in a position to think of them with happy memories.

A Heartfelt Thank You

And so here are 1,085 (And some more, as I actually have more followers of this blog than the ‘official’ stats on the homepage), wishes of happiness, good health and a great Christmas time.

I would also like to thank each and everyone of you for reading my posts and I hope you continue to do so in the coming years. I also appreciate the comments and emails I get and thanks to all who have shared hundreds of my posts.

I hope you continue to do so.

Still Blogging – Still Being Direct

I will still be blogging (I have 2 coming in the next week or so) and I will still be direct if I feel it is necessary in the post. It is never to be insulting. Only an attempt to break distorted thinking patterns that could be preventing you from experiencing true happiness and success.

Sometimes, I also tell the same message from a different viewpoint. The unconscious mind, your unconscious mind, loves repetition.

Enjoy your festive period, whether you celebrate or not. It is still a season of goodwill. Try and share some of that with those that need it. You never know just how far your small act of kindness can go to helping others.

Enjoy and I will be here again soon.

With much love,

Robert D Hamilton


Rob Hamilton

I am a published author and writer of several ebooks. Known as the Mind Coach, I help people unlock their true potential so that they can achieve their dreams and goals and perform better more of the time.

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Robert Hamilton

Robert Hamilton

Robert is a published author and expert mind coach. A certified NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapy™ and Life Enhancement Coach (Dip). Rob has studied the mind and performance for 30 years.

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