About You

So, What is The Problem, Pain or Frustration?

There is something holding you back, a stumbling block an obstacle or a problem, however you wish to view it.

It is affecting what you want to achieve or your overall happiness, performance at work, starting that new business, getting a loving relationship, winning promotion, reclaiming your past success, earning the high income.

Whatever it is, you’ve had enough. You know that if this one thing was removed and replaced, you would get your life, career, sport or business back on track.

You would be happier.

The obstacle or block needs removing completely before it harnesses more power in your mind and costs you more time to get back on track.

Let me assure you, without doubt or hesitation, you can remove this frustration and start enjoying the freedom from releasing it or finding a powerful solution or both.

Your Mind

“Before You Can Achieve Anything on the Outside, You Must First Achieve it on the Inside”

Everything begins in your mind. And I do mean everything.

When things are going well it will be due to the thoughts you think most of the time.

When things are not going well it will be due to the thoughts you think most of the time.

However the thoughts you think most of the time can be on an unconscious level. That part of the mind that is off the radar of the conscious mind.

This is why some people, who despite all their effort and conscious desire to do well in life or get better results, struggle to do so. I am sure you know people like this.

Your mind is more complex and more powerful than the smartest computer. It wants to do all it can to get you what you want in the fastest time possible.

So if you are not getting the results you desire at work, in your business, at your sport or in your life, let’s connect.

You too can bring out the magic in your mind.

Get Coached


Sports Champions

As a champion in your sport you will fully understand the importance the mind plays in your performance. When there is more than just a dip in form, something more menacing could be going on inside. I will find it, remove it and replace it with what works – fast.

Executives, Entrepreneurs, Teams

Remove the Problem

You might be surprised at how well you would be performing if you just removed that one thing that is holding you or your team back. Get your breakthrough. Excel in your business, shine at work or get your team members winning again. It’s worth it.

Extraordinary People

You are a unique and extraordinary person who knows there is more to life than what you are currently getting. You need a fresh perspective, inspiration, motivation and the fast strategies so you can start achieving those goals and dreams you have. get a coach in your corner and you will transform your life.


I had ONE breakthrough session with Rob. Within 2 minutes he knew that the only thing I needed was a boost in confidence! He did that (I don’t know how he never mentioned the word afterwards) and it was incredible! I suddenly started feeling unstoppable. I have gained tons new prospects because now I can speak to anyone, confidently! With my new found courage I have started another passion – writing for other people!

David Lee, MLM Pro, Entrepreneur, Writer

Rob is amazing! After being in the tennis wilderness I spent just over 3 hours with him some 3 years ago. In 3 months I skyrocketed from #324 in the world rankings to #15! I haven’t stopped winning! 11 titles later and I am still winning. Not only is Rob’s coaching fast, it is powerful and long lasting. I must add that he also helped me in my life too. I now feature in MEN’S FITNESS magazines. Go see this remarkable coach he will get you winning again.

Sean Lai Kok Seng, Senior Tennis Pro


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About Rob

Robert D Hamilton

I love people. From the age of four all I have ever really done is study people. And continue to do so.

I find no greater pleasure in getting people their personal or professional breakthroughs and seeing their lives or results transform.

My personal library contains over 2,000 books on success, against the odds, autobiographies, the mind, the unconscious mind and neuroscience.

I am deeply passionate about what I do.

Some Things About Me


  • I am a published author (Ignite The Spark, Explode Your Results)
  • NLP Practitioner (ABNLP)
  • Timeline Therapist™
  • Life Enhancement Coach (Dip)
  • Studied people for 51 years
  • Self Development for 28 years
  • The mind for 30 years
  • Achieved CEO and Group Business Director status from scratch
  • Performed Mind Seminars in 4 different continents
  • Guest speaker at the prestigious Napoleon Hill International Convention
  • Appeared on live TV, radio and appeared in many newspapers and magazines
  • Love comedy (Frasier, Seinfeld, Lead Ballon, Extra’s and Hello Ladies
  • Huge Marvel Fan 🙂
  • Currently writing 2nd book

I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to get you your breakthrough too. I live by the mantra, anything really is possible and have proved this both to my clients and myself.

What You Pay

Here’s What You Pay and What You Get

Money back guarantee…yes, I am probably the only coach in the world that offers a full money back guarantee.

Providing you pass my coaching criteria (I don’t coach everyone) you get my 30 day no quibble money back guarantee. If after the coaching you are not completely satisfied just email me why and I will refund you.

(Nobody has yet mind you)

Because of my 51 years of studying people, experiences, knowledge and NLP expertise I have NEVER coached anyone for more than 4 sessions.

79% of my clients only ever require one session.

Ok, let’s get everything right in the open.

Here’s What You Get

Breakthrough Session is 1 x 90 minute face to face or video call

4 x 90 minute speed coaching sessions with me either face to face or via video call (Skype, whatsapp etc)

(The 4th session can be broken up into telephone calls as I have NEVER coached anyone more than 4 sessions)

  • My Full attention
  • The obstacles that have been holding you back will be removed
  • Strategies, thinking patterns and techniques that will work for you change your life.

Remember, everything starts in your mind. So if there is something in the way of what you want to achieve it will be in there – somewhere.

I will do that for you – fast.

Here’s What You Pay

Breakthrough Session 1 x 90 minute power breakthrough session only USD $ 325

Change Your Life 4 x 90 minute sessions just USD 1,195

If you require 4 sessions that will be determined by what the problem you want removing is and what you would like to achieve. We will determine this when we talk.

I will recommend the TIMING of those sessions and whether they will be weekly or fortnightly.

Invest in yourself. How much is your life worth?

If you really feel my fees are out of your reach, please search my extensive blog library. There are over 200 posts on varying topics and you may well find an answer there.

In the first instance, please contact me below and we can arrange for a free chat and determine if I am the right coach for you and if you pass my coaching qualifying criteria.

Contact Rob