Unleash Your Mind From All Limitations

& Make Your Life and Work Great in Just 66 days

World-Class Coaching With Author and Life & Performance Coach, Rob Hamilton
On your first coaching session you will leave feeling inspired, motivated, totally unstoppable and overflowing with a powerful sense of self-belief and inner confidence!
“Rob, you inspired me to take my life to the next level after just a 45 minute chat. I am achieving targets  at work I thought were ‘impossible’ and now pursuing my dream as a writer and filmmaker. I will always be grateful to you because you helped me believe that anything really is possible” Dom Gucci, UK

About Rob

I am Rob Hamilton

I didn’t speak until I was almost 7 years old, but I do remember from the age of 3 or 4 that all I did was watch people. I have studied what makes us tick (And what doesn’t) become successful, live happier lives and feel fulfilled ever since.

How it Began…

After suddenly becoming ambitious at the later age of 27, after some timely intervention, I worked tirelessly for 3 years to become successful. Despite my hard work, long hours and determination, I just couldn’t increase my income or my levels of success.

Then I discovered that it was my thinking strategies that were holding me back; how I thought most of the time was stopping me from achieving what I wanted.

So I went on a quest to learn all I could about the mind, the unconscious mind and how successful, happy people think on a consistent basis.

I used self-hypnosis, subliminal recordings, affirmations and read every book I could lay my hands on about self-development for over a year, to reprogramme my mind. And it worked.

I started earning the huge income I had dreamed about, achieved the world’s best results in my work, built winning teams that never missed targets, enjoyed exotic travel and climbed the corporate ladder to the very top.

I also became an author. I spoke at the Napoleon Hill International Convention in Kuching, Malaysia and achieved so many other dreams.


I have experienced my fair share of hard knocks too. I have been homeless in my early days (Twice); lost everything financially and suffered the anguish of severe depression.

But with the right perspective, mindset and tools to get where you want to go, anything can be overcome and dreams can be once again fulfilled.

Now, I blend my 51 years of studying people with the successful mind strategies I have learned over 28 years and transform people’s lives and results within hours.

I am deeply passionate about what I do.

Some Other Things About Me

  • I am a published author (Ignite The Spark, Explode Your Results)
  • NLP Practitioner (ABNLP), Timeline Therapist™, Life Enhancement Coach (Dip)
  • Studied people for 51 years, Self Development for 28 years, the mind for 30 years
  • Achieved CEO and Group Business Director status from scratch
  • Performed Master Your Mind & inspirational Seminars in 9 different countries to thousands of people
  • Guest speaker at the prestigious Napoleon Hill International Convention
  • Appeared on live TV, radio and appeared in many newspapers and magazines
  • Currently writing my 2nd book

Today, I do what I love. I enjoy the freedom, the personal fulfillment and the opportunity to work from anywhere I wish (Thanks to technology).

Life can be truly amazing and anything really is possible.

Work With Me

Coaching for Ambitious People Who Want to Influence, Excel and Make an Impact

There is nothing more satisfying for me than working with smart people who want to improve. The kind of people that know all improvement starts with the self.

I love working with the kind of people that know inside, they can be more, do more and achieve more. They also know (Like all successful people do), that ‘going it alone’ is not always the best, easiest or fastest way to getting what they want.

And I get results for my clients. Big results. I am so confident in my ability to get you achieving, that unlike other coaches out there, I offer a money back guarantee with all of my clients. So far, I have not had to pay one client back.

Of course, you also have to qualify for my coaching before I coach you. Like you, I am choosy who I work with.

Here’s What I do

Breakthrough Speed Coaching

Remove that “one thing” that is holding you back in minutes. Be filled with inspiration, motivation, a clear goal and armed with the self-confidence to storm forward towards what you want most in life or work. A powerful, 90 minute speed coaching session where I use my 51 years of studying people to full effect for you.

Transform Your Life Coaching

Once we peel away your mind’s limitations, you will be free to amplify your results and create the life you dream about. This transformational coaching gives you virtually unlimited access to me. After the very first session you will be feeling unstoppable and overflowing with super confidence. In 66 days your life will look and feel totally transformed.

Career and Influence – Do Work That Matters

I don’t just help you crush it as an employee, professional or entrepreneur but I also give  you the strategies so you can grow your influence and impact the world. It makes sense, considering you spend about 60% of your time at ‘work’ that you do something that is rewarding, fulfilling and pays you what you are worth.

Team Mind Coaching

Employees who are stressed at home or in life will bring this into the workplace and it damages performance. I conduct inspirational and motivational workshops that reduce stress so your employees perform even better.

Please contact for me availability and prices. Workshops are to groups of no more than 25. Anti-stress classes also available.


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Prices Virtually Anyone Can Afford And a Money Back Guarantee

When you get coached you are receiving the experience of my 51 years of studying people and my 30 years of researching the mind and reading thousands of books.

Breakthrough Coaching Session One 90 Minute Session £75.00

If you are currently facing a challenge you are struggling to overcome then take one of my breakthrough sessions.

The fee for this session is only £75.00

Should you require two sessions to remove this obstacle you are experiencing, you will get the 2nd session at a 25% discount.

The first coaching fee must be paid in advance in full without exception.

Transform Your Life Coaching 3 Months, 20 Hours, Unlimited Support, GBP £1,976

If you would like to transform your life I offer an extensive coaching program that will allow you to do just that in 90 days.

Due to my inspirational seminar and other work commitments and the amount of personal time I give my clients, I can only take on 4 clients every 3 months for this coaching intensive.

Please contact me for available start dates.

For old thinking patterns to be overridden with new thought strategies it takes the mind about 90 days to adapt and adopt them. It takes time.

But guess what? 90 days are going to pass anyway. It is your choice if you want to be in a different place at the end of them.

  • 15 x 90 minute sessions  over 90 days either via skype, whatsapp video or face-to-face
  • Unlimited 20 minute telephone calls (For those quick inspirational or motivational moments you may need
  • 1 x 60 minute follow-up session after month 4

Invest in yourself. How much is the rest of your life worth?

Performance Coaching GBP 95.00 per 90 Minute Session

If you are an athlete or sales executive who wants to rediscover your best ever winning streak then my guaranteed coaching will get you back to your best and beyond.

The maximum sessions I have done for anyone wanting to recapture their success is four.

Money Back Guarantee

I offer a money back guarantee on all of my coaching sessions. If I don’t improve your life or results I will give you your money back.

This is providing you pass my coaching criteria. Please email me first.

To start achieving the results you want, please email me now on;



“I spoke with Rob (it wasn’t like coaching at all) and although I had heard what he said to me many times before, how he said it just resonated with me. He brought me such clarity of what I should do in life and how I could get there within minutes. Rob is a really fantastic coach (and person) whose language patterns seep deep into your mind, heart and soul. He has changed my life”

Shellie McPherson

Rob is amazing! After being in the tennis wilderness I spent just over 3 hours with him some 3 years ago. In 3 months I skyrocketed from #324 in the world rankings to #15! I haven’t stopped winning! 11 titles later and I am still winning. Not only is Rob’s coaching fast, it is powerful and long lasting. I must add that he also helped me in my life too. I now feature in MEN’S FITNESS magazines. Go see this remarkable coach he will get you winning again.

Sean Lai Kok Seng, Senior Tennis Pro


Books by Author and Coach Rob Hamilton

Robert is a published author as well as a world-class copywriter. His first book, ‘Ignite the Spark, Explode Your Results’ was a bestseller in Malaysia. Finally, it is now available as an Ebook.

Written in a simple conversational style, it is like curling up with your favourite book and talking to the author as you learn 12 strategies that can kick-start your life.


This book changes lives

You can buy this on Amazon as an Ebook.

You can get it here Buy Now

37 Nuggets of Wisdom

This latest Ebook has been read by thousands and shared by hundreds more. It is comprised of 37 of Robert’s most popular and insightful blog posts.

Rob Hamilton Author and Coach

Small, powerful nuggets of wisdom to help you find more success and happiness. Get inspired when you need it most.

You can get this on Amazon too. Buy Now

Free Ebook (PDF) Make Your Life Great

If you aren’t sure what you would like to be doing or you feel lost in life, this easy read mini ebook gives you 9 steps so that you can start creating the life you want and deserve.


Robert D Hamilton author coach


You can download it right here for FREE. 


Live Big, Live Well – Transformational Retreats

Coming very soon…

I will be offering Transformational 3, 4 and 5 day retreats at great locations.

You will be immersed in some of the best transformational and self-development techniques (that last) of all time.

The aim is to help you live big and live well.

These will be conducted to small groups of no more than 15 people so that feedback can be offered.

They will be filled with experiential learning, breakfast meetings, some classroom activities, engaging dinners and a little walking (Nothing strenuous).

Be rest assured, you will be leaving armed with the right strategies to be, do and have whatever you heart desires.

Please be sure to Follow My Blog for the next event, venues and prices.